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Presenting: The Springfield Mall Expansion!

As promised, a new post on my solution to all consumerism-problems in my virtual Springfield.

Recently I had problems keeping up my consumerism rating, because EA kept raising the bar but failed to deliver new shops to balance it out again. And even though I have every shop ever released except one, I still need eight or nine Kwik-E-Marts to get my five-star rating. The last few I just lined up in a corner, because there are so many scattered around my town already.

I have been wracking my brain about this problem, and my solution is: The Springfield Mall Expansion! Similar to Squidport, we need a new area opened up for a shopping district, next to the existing land. Not another new screen, please! This expansion should come with a quest line to build a bunch of new shops. Additionally, it should also be possible to move existing shops, restaurants, and other public buildings to the shopping district, as well as decorations, but no homes. So far I don’t have ideas for new decorations, except shopping carts, and maybe empty shopping bags floating around.

Next step is a list of all the new shops that could go there. Hailstone’s has been in the files for some time now; the Leftorium and Lionel Hutz’ ‘I can’t believe it’s a law firm’ spring to mind as well, but I still have to work out that list in more detail. Coming soon!


You are always on my mind…

Tapped Out accompanies me through my whole day. I use my iPad as an alarm, so when I turn it off I fire up TSTO. Not really quite awake, but awake enough to collect the rent accumulated over night. The iPad goes everywhere I go, except the shower. I really wish it was water proof so I could take it there as well. Then I leave the house for work, and I go on tapping on my iPhone, even though the reception is a bit sketchy during my train ride. I see the “connection failed” screen a lot. When I finally get to work, I have to stop playing, very bad reception in my office. And I should really be working anyway…

But still, TSTO is on my mind a lot, even if it is not on my screen. Lately, I have been pondering the question of the excessive consumerism-rating, it pops into my head at the strangest times. Came up with a great idea, but that is stuff for another post.

Then going home again, I play on the train – as far as it’s possible with the sketchy reception. At home, the iPad comes out again – Homer on a big screen is so much better! I continue tapping during the evening, not full-time, but I can’t get through an episode of CSI without checking in with the Simpsons in between. Heck, I can’t even get through an episode of The Simpsons without it 😉

Eventually, I will go to bed, taking the iPad with me. Last thing I do before going to sleep is setting the alarm – and checking one last time on Homer and his friends. Chances are, I also dream about TSTO, but I never remember my dreams in the morning.

And that’s all she wrote…

Level 34 and a new blog on the same day?!?!

Don’t really know what possessed me to start writing this blog on the same day a new level was released in Tapped Out. The minute Cookie Kwan appeared on my screen (with 2 Donuts no less!) I started to scan the new content and of course started the new quest. We get the High School and Superintendent Chalmers first. “SKINNERRRR?!”

But I spent even more time logging everything new into my sprawling spreadsheet. Everything is recorded. Building name, cost, size, time to build, XP for building; does it contribute to any rating? Same goes for decorations, and even new characters. One sheet is dedicated to the conform-o-meter, another for expansions. At every new level I happily spend hours on digging up every bit of information available on every new item. A big thank you to my fellow bloggers over at TSTO Topix for coming up again and again with information hidden in the files! And also to where I also get a lot of my information.

I write down all the quests, and lately I started to take screenshots of all the in-game dialogue. The last one I will probably give up again soon, mainly because I always seem to miss a bit by tapping to quickly, and for me it feels worse to have incomplete screenshots than none at all. I guess I am a bit OCD that way.

But I really have to stop writing now, and go back to the game. It is already going on midnight, and I still have to work in the morning. But first I have to pay another visit to Springfield.

And that’s all she wrote…

Just getting started

Hi everybody!

So far I only have been reading blogs, never had one myself. But reading somebody else’s blog and commenting is not all that satisfying. Well, I decided to start something new and here it is. My very first blog entry! Neither glamorous nor witty, I’m afraid, but starting is hard, believe you me!

From the title you can guess that I spend a lot of my free time tapping – I am a tap-aholic. This is now my designated space for venting my thoughts on the game, maybe publish a screenshot or two. I already have some on my Facebook page, but somehow I don’t really like Facebook. I rather have an obscure blog nobody reads 😉

And that’s all she wrote…