Level 34 and a new blog on the same day?!?!

Don’t really know what possessed me to start writing this blog on the same day a new level was released in Tapped Out. The minute Cookie Kwan appeared on my screen (with 2 Donuts no less!) I started to scan the new content and of course started the new quest. We get the High School and Superintendent Chalmers first. “SKINNERRRR?!”

But I spent even more time logging everything new into my sprawling spreadsheet. Everything is recorded. Building name, cost, size, time to build, XP for building; does it contribute to any rating? Same goes for decorations, and even new characters. One sheet is dedicated to the conform-o-meter, another for expansions. At every new level I happily spend hours on digging up every bit of information available on every new item. A big thank you to my fellow bloggers over at TSTO Topix for coming up again and again with information hidden in the files! And also to http://simpsonswiki.com/wiki/The_Simpsons:_Tapped_Out where I also get a lot of my information.

I write down all the quests, and lately I started to take screenshots of all the in-game dialogue. The last one I will probably give up again soon, mainly because I always seem to miss a bit by tapping to quickly, and for me it feels worse to have incomplete screenshots than none at all. I guess I am a bit OCD that way.

But I really have to stop writing now, and go back to the game. It is already going on midnight, and I still have to work in the morning. But first I have to pay another visit to Springfield.

And that’s all she wrote…


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