Presenting: The Springfield Mall Expansion!

As promised, a new post on my solution to all consumerism-problems in my virtual Springfield.

Recently I had problems keeping up my consumerism rating, because EA kept raising the bar but failed to deliver new shops to balance it out again. And even though I have every shop ever released except one, I still need eight or nine Kwik-E-Marts to get my five-star rating. The last few I just lined up in a corner, because there are so many scattered around my town already.

I have been wracking my brain about this problem, and my solution is: The Springfield Mall Expansion! Similar to Squidport, we need a new area opened up for a shopping district, next to the existing land. Not another new screen, please! This expansion should come with a quest line to build a bunch of new shops. Additionally, it should also be possible to move existing shops, restaurants, and other public buildings to the shopping district, as well as decorations, but no homes. So far I don’t have ideas for new decorations, except shopping carts, and maybe empty shopping bags floating around.

Next step is a list of all the new shops that could go there. Hailstone’s has been in the files for some time now; the Leftorium and Lionel Hutz’ ‘I can’t believe it’s a law firm’ spring to mind as well, but I still have to work out that list in more detail. Coming soon!


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