You are always on my mind…

Tapped Out accompanies me through my whole day. I use my iPad as an alarm, so when I turn it off I fire up TSTO. Not really quite awake, but awake enough to collect the rent accumulated over night. The iPad goes everywhere I go, except the shower. I really wish it was water proof so I could take it there as well. Then I leave the house for work, and I go on tapping on my iPhone, even though the reception is a bit sketchy during my train ride. I see the “connection failed” screen a lot. When I finally get to work, I have to stop playing, very bad reception in my office. And I should really be working anyway…

But still, TSTO is on my mind a lot, even if it is not on my screen. Lately, I have been pondering the question of the excessive consumerism-rating, it pops into my head at the strangest times. Came up with a great idea, but that is stuff for another post.

Then going home again, I play on the train – as far as it’s possible with the sketchy reception. At home, the iPad comes out again – Homer on a big screen is so much better! I continue tapping during the evening, not full-time, but I can’t get through an episode of CSI without checking in with the Simpsons in between. Heck, I can’t even get through an episode of The Simpsons without it 😉

Eventually, I will go to bed, taking the iPad with me. Last thing I do before going to sleep is setting the alarm – and checking one last time on Homer and his friends. Chances are, I also dream about TSTO, but I never remember my dreams in the morning.

And that’s all she wrote…


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