Visiting friends and neighbours

OK, this is a bit awkward. I have to out myself as someone who tends to neglect her neighbours. There. I am rather selfish that way. At the current point in my game, I just don’t need the additional cash and XP, and I find it way to much effort for way to little reward. Especially during working days my free time is very limited, and visiting neighbours in the game takes up way to much of that precious time. Maybe if they put in a “next” button, to jump from neighbour to neighbour. That would easily cut the time needed in half.

Don’t get me wrong, during social events, when visiting neighbours is crucial to earning them – and yourself – stuff (like valentine’s day), I make the time, but I refer again to the above remark – entirely for selfish reasons.

In conclusion: if I am on your list but you need to be visited every day, please feel free to kick me off. To everyone out there who feels the same: don’t be afraid to be culled from my list.

As I only see a handful of handshakes every day, I guess most of my neighbours don’t find the time to visit me either. Or everyone is going to Krustyland. I have been doing that a lot lately, because I need the tickets more than the cash. Until EA fixes that glitch, we can all sneak in for secret visits. And speaking of “secret”: I am still not sure how I feel about the names of people popping out of the handshakes. Sometimes I like a little anonymity. But it is also nice to know who stopped by even though it is completely useless information.

And by the by: feel free to graffiti my town any time you like. I have no problem with that, I rather welcome it!


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