Krustyland – chance or curse?

Hi everybody, I’m back! Unfortunately I was taken ill last week, and didn’t feel at all like writing anything. But I am all better now!

In my last post, I promised to write something about Krustyland. It is the latest addition to the game, and, frankly, I still haven’t made up my mind if I like it or not. Some days I do, some days I don’t. For starters, the going back and forth on another screen is really annoying. I get that they have to do this to limit the number of items to display, my Springfield already is a bit wonky even though I haven’t even purchased all the available land yet. Still, it takes up time, and especially during new quests I change between screens several times to see if characters are needed in Springfield or KL for new tasks. This is the major con for me, let’s have a look at the pros now:

Any new content is good content when you reached the top level, because – let’s face it – just maintaining the status quo gets a bit boring after a few days. And KL with its whole new screen gives you the chance to decorate and try new stuff. I have even seen people building their own custom rides out of fences and the KL-debris. Talk about being creative… I would like to see some new KL-specific decorations, though. Would it really be so hard to come up with a few new trees? Anyway, I like the rides (how awesome is the Tooth Chipper?!?), and the idea of having random people roaming about and earning you money is brilliant. Maybe something that could be adapted to Squidport. Why don’t the performers earn any money, btw? Seems a bit of a pointless job, especially if nobody ever goes onto the boardwalk to watch them…

But I digress – back to KL. For now, I have finished the KL quest line, Bart is just now taking his 24h ride on the Tooth Chipper. And what now? Do I keep my people in KL, earning tickets? Or do I send them back to Springfield? The last level was rather expensive, I could do with a bit of money. My problem right now is that we don’t know if KL will be expanded more in future updates. If not, the surplus tickets are rather pointless, and the ticket-cash exchange rate is not all that interesting. I am still hoping for new content, so I probably will send at least some of the characters to KL, to earn more tickets along with the random visitors.

In conclusion, I am leaning more to the “chance” side of things, KL could be awesome if they keep updates coming, even though the different screen and different currency is a bit annoying. And I really hope they don’t go on like that (more different screens, that is).


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