Halloween pt. 2

Completely aside from the game: Halloween is not a holiday celebrated much in Germany, it is a holiday that came over here only with American movies and TV. In the cities, Halloween parties are quite common theses days, but out in the country people mostly don’t celebrate it, they stick with traditional holidays. There are a number of festivities similar to Halloween, but on other days of the year.

First, there is Walpurgisnacht – the night before May 1st – which is associated with witches. That night, huge bonfires are lit and people dress up in “witchy” clothes and dance around the fire. Well, at least they are standing around the fire drinking beer… In some regions, it is a night to play pranks, especially things like stealing the maypole from a neighboring village. No treats are involved, though, only tricks.

Another similar event is on Dec 6th, St. Nicholas Day. Children dress up and go from door to door collecting treats. However, treats are given in exchange for little performances, like singing a song or reciting a poem, and there is no retaliation if people refuse.

Halloween for me is a purely virtual holiday, celebrated in Springfield, USA. I will relish it nevertheless 🙂


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