Under the Boardwalk

Yesterday I started my first Boardwalk piece that takes 60h to make – 2 1/2 days! What especially gets my hackles up is the half day. I usually only play in the evenings, meaning it’s more like 3 days for me. For the design I have in mind right now, I will need at least another 12 tiles. This adds up to over a month of waiting time, especially if I don’t start the next one immediately after the old one is finished.

Even in the beginning it was slow going, but I was perfectly content with a rate of one tile a day. When that went up it got tedious very soon. At the moment, I don’t work much on Squidport, because I am always getting angry about the lack of room. So for now I will just be collecting tiles, and start seriously working on it around Christmas. That gives me about three more month to collect tiles, hopefully that will be enough for something nice. I am rather curious what Squidport will look like in the snow, though. Will they turn of the Boardwalk Fountain? And maybe close the whole thing down? What about the Boardwalk Performers? Will they get winter clothes or do they retire during the winter?

There still is a lot to look forward to regarding Squidport. I am still hoping they will add more buildings, maybe something more amusement arcade-like, not so many shops. But first I have to get on those tiles. I really dread what will happen if EA decides to release more tiles – one month for production, costing a million bucks…


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