The Game Outside “The Game”

Today started with a Bart Screen again, this time with a longish message about maintenance because people had trouble logging on – whatever. I was deprived of my morning-fix of TSTO. But there are more levels to the game than just The Game. At least to me. Apart from playing, I also spend quite a lot of time with keeping records of all sort of stuff. By now, I have an extensive Excel spreadsheet which is growing daily. There are lists of decorations, buildings, characters, tasks; one dedicated to land expansions. I record every measurement possible: cost of item, size, rewards, what level it unlocks on, what task is needed to unlock, and everything else you can think of. The problem by now is that there is so much information from so many levels, events, limited time sales, and now Krustyland, too, it starts to get confusing.

I will start on redesigning my spreadsheet, to make it clearer to understand. For example, there are loads of one time tasks on the character spreadsheet. Now the decision is, do I start creating special spreadsheets per event / level, or do I go by character? One Homer spreadsheet, one for Lisa, one for Marge… It would also make sense to group everything by update; Level 35, 4th of July, Whacking Day etc. Can’t quite decide at the moment, both ideas will take a large number of new spreadsheets. I think I might try the latter approach for now. If that doesn’t work out I can always try the other way.

Another way to extend The Game is of course surfing the net. I am flabbergasted at how many people put information out about TSTO. The number of blogs dedicated to TSTO is mind-boggling. Small wonder the number of Internet Addicts is on the rise. I am one, too…


3 thoughts on “The Game Outside “The Game”

  1. I realise this is a big ask bender but would you be willing to share your spreadsheet?
    It sounds like you have put a lot of time and effort into it and it would be perfectly reasonable to refuse… by the way I read your latest post about the Felon Pack 1 query, both my A and B games awarded the pack for free, but my C game didn’t, like you I would like to know the parameters controlling this, but then again as it is essentially a decoration I guess I won’t lose a lot of sleep over it… would have been nice if they awarded the felons as full characters, not just expensive decorations.

    • Wow, someone found their way to my blog – which I haven’t maintained for years… Thanks for reading, I guess 🙂
      Regarding the spreadsheet – I am not sure how much use it would be to you, since I play the german version of the game, and everything in there is in german as well. Plus, it is still kind of muddled, because there is just so much information, and sometimes I just don’t quite know where to put stuff, so it is not always consistent.

  2. Strangely enough I do have German heritage, my surname is Möller, but my German language skills are lacking, my father never liked to acknowledge our heritage, in fact I can’t help but wonder if he felt persecuted and would have preferred to have forgotten his German lineage.
    Too bad about your spreadsheets, it does sound like you put a lot of effort and time into them… I also thought it would be a great offline resource to have, but could just never work out where to start, in fact the longer I play the more daunting it becomes because TSTO just gets bigger and bigger and if my coding skills were better I would have put my time into developing a database. I have looked at a number of apps that attempt to do the job but they always seem to be lacking in one way or another, if you ever come across ‘the one’ that does everything please let me know.
    Thanks for replying… it seems like you enjoy playing TSTO as much as I do, it’s easy to see your level of commitment, it shows in your town.

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