Donuts! Hmmm…

Yesterday I hit another bonus level after 35, and instead of one level up message I got two – both times with the chance to win donuts. Ended up with six instead of three. Although I have spent money on donuts in the past, every little bit helps. Especially since EA makes it so hard for us to earn free donuts. I have never met a freemium game other than TSTO that is so stingy with their premium currency. Usually there is at least a chance to get the premium items for free as well if you put a little bit of effort into it. Not so in TSTO. All the limited time premium items are way to expensive and available too short a time to have even the glimmer of a chance to earn them the hard way.

I am lucky enough to have a generous entertainment budget so I can afford to buy a few donuts, but there are a lot of people out there who can’t. And my beef with EA is not that donuts are too hard to earn, but nigh on impossible to earn. Only when you are top-level and also have a high multiplier (i.e. already have a lot of premium items) and earn a lot of in-game cash and XP you can hope to hit the bonus levels on a regular basis. And even then – three donuts really don’t make much of a dent into most of the premium items. What’s up with the price hike? Long gone are the days when you could get a new character for 30 donuts. At the moment there is hardly any building and/or character below 100 donuts. I dread what Halloween will bring. Knowing myself, I will pay up anyway, even if it is with a grim expression on my face…

Rant over now, all I meant to say really was that I am happy to have won six donuts from a level up instead of three 😉


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