Concurrent Quests

If you are anything like me, I bet you also have several games going at once. Come on, admit it! I started a few during Whacking Day, because hardly any eggs were coming my way. So I decided to become my own egg-buddy, and started new games. Worked like a charm, I got every prize, including all the snake boxes. Wasn’t really worth the effort, but you take everything you can get from EA.

One of my B-games is level 34 by now, but way behind with the quests. And since Whacking Day they don’t come one after the other, but somehow everything runs concurrently. This means, I am constantly scrambling for cash, because there are always three or four buildings to build.

Just now I am running the Agnes Skinner quest, the Fat Tony quest, Herman’s Military Antiques quest. I just built Wolfcastle’s Villa, so his quest line is just starting, and after the Villa was done, I got prompted for the Cops quest and the Rod & Todd quest at the same time. For everyone who’s counted: that’s 6 different quest lines from 6 different levels at the same time. Not to mention Krustyland, which is running alongside as well. No wonder I lose track sometimes and don’t know if I’m coming or going 😉

Inside this game, I sort of dread the upcoming Halloween event, because that in all likelihood will add another quest line to follow. If it is coming this week, I won’t be able to finish any of the currently running ones. And apart from that, I will be going on holiday next week, which means I will have even less time for the game and will probably miss the first two weeks of TSTO’s Halloween. Let’s hope there is reception in the Alps. Although I am quite sure that my husband will confiscate all electronic devices during the trip. How medieval…

One more update: I was just tapping along, placing the SWAT van and unlocking Eddie and Lou, when Lisa asked me to build the High School – quest line number seven! And if I count KL as well, it’s nine! Not going to be bored any time soon 🙂

Unnnhh: seven plus one is eight, not nine, silly!


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