Archive | December 2013

Snow at last!

Hi Everybody!

I realize it has been a long time since I was on here, but Halloween really got to me. One day I was happily tapping away, the next I was suddenly so tired of the game, I had to force myself to play. That’s when I just stopped to put any effort into it for a few weeks, just to take a breather. I still visited every day, but only to keep up the running quests. New buildings and decorations were just plunked down anywhere.

However, since the snow started falling, I found the pleasure in tapping again. Christmas! Snow! And everything looks so festive already, even the standard trees and decorations got a Christmas skin. Almost no need to put in extra decorations. On the other hand, you really cannot have to many Christmas decorations 🙂

Just now I bought the remaining land (about two strips on the right side of my town), and now I am plotting a whole Christmas themed area. I bought Santa’s Village, and with all the new buildings and decorations it is gonna be legen…. Wait for it!  …dary!!!!!