Snow at last!

Hi Everybody!

I realize it has been a long time since I was on here, but Halloween really got to me. One day I was happily tapping away, the next I was suddenly so tired of the game, I had to force myself to play. That’s when I just stopped to put any effort into it for a few weeks, just to take a breather. I still visited every day, but only to keep up the running quests. New buildings and decorations were just plunked down anywhere.

However, since the snow started falling, I found the pleasure in tapping again. Christmas! Snow! And everything looks so festive already, even the standard trees and decorations got a Christmas skin. Almost no need to put in extra decorations. On the other hand, you really cannot have to many Christmas decorations 🙂

Just now I bought the remaining land (about two strips on the right side of my town), and now I am plotting a whole Christmas themed area. I bought Santa’s Village, and with all the new buildings and decorations it is gonna be legen…. Wait for it!  …dary!!!!!


Driven to Distraction

Waiting for the Halloween Update has obviously melted my brain… While checking and waiting, and checking and waiting, and checking and waiting (you get the idea), I absent-mindedly started making the rounds at my neighbors. Until it hit me: if there is an update, there will probably be a social component – and I just blocked about half of my neighbors for the next 24 hours. Do’h!

Halloween pt. 2

Completely aside from the game: Halloween is not a holiday celebrated much in Germany, it is a holiday that came over here only with American movies and TV. In the cities, Halloween parties are quite common theses days, but out in the country people mostly don’t celebrate it, they stick with traditional holidays. There are a number of festivities similar to Halloween, but on other days of the year.

First, there is Walpurgisnacht – the night before May 1st – which is associated with witches. That night, huge bonfires are lit and people dress up in “witchy” clothes and dance around the fire. Well, at least they are standing around the fire drinking beer… In some regions, it is a night to play pranks, especially things like stealing the maypole from a neighboring village. No treats are involved, though, only tricks.

Another similar event is on Dec 6th, St. Nicholas Day. Children dress up and go from door to door collecting treats. However, treats are given in exchange for little performances, like singing a song or reciting a poem, and there is no retaliation if people refuse.

Halloween for me is a purely virtual holiday, celebrated in Springfield, USA. I will relish it nevertheless 🙂

The plan was to write something about Krustyland today, but I am just way to tired. Long day at work. Train late. Home late. Bed now…

Isn’t this to flowery?

Since creating this blog I have been going through the themes a lot to find something fitting, but it is not easy. Somehow I can look at maybe ten themes, and then I start scrolling through the rest without really seeing them. It’s a bit like choosing a new perfume, after the first few they all tend to smell alike. The theme so far has been “Bouquet”, and I like the blue colors. What I don’t like is the flowery header. I am way to inexperienced to know how to change that particular thing but keep the rest. So until I find something better, I will stick with this even though I am not a flowery kind of woman. Never have been. Never will be.

You are always on my mind…

Tapped Out accompanies me through my whole day. I use my iPad as an alarm, so when I turn it off I fire up TSTO. Not really quite awake, but awake enough to collect the rent accumulated over night. The iPad goes everywhere I go, except the shower. I really wish it was water proof so I could take it there as well. Then I leave the house for work, and I go on tapping on my iPhone, even though the reception is a bit sketchy during my train ride. I see the “connection failed” screen a lot. When I finally get to work, I have to stop playing, very bad reception in my office. And I should really be working anyway…

But still, TSTO is on my mind a lot, even if it is not on my screen. Lately, I have been pondering the question of the excessive consumerism-rating, it pops into my head at the strangest times. Came up with a great idea, but that is stuff for another post.

Then going home again, I play on the train – as far as it’s possible with the sketchy reception. At home, the iPad comes out again – Homer on a big screen is so much better! I continue tapping during the evening, not full-time, but I can’t get through an episode of CSI without checking in with the Simpsons in between. Heck, I can’t even get through an episode of The Simpsons without it 😉

Eventually, I will go to bed, taking the iPad with me. Last thing I do before going to sleep is setting the alarm – and checking one last time on Homer and his friends. Chances are, I also dream about TSTO, but I never remember my dreams in the morning.

And that’s all she wrote…

Just getting started

Hi everybody!

So far I only have been reading blogs, never had one myself. But reading somebody else’s blog and commenting is not all that satisfying. Well, I decided to start something new and here it is. My very first blog entry! Neither glamorous nor witty, I’m afraid, but starting is hard, believe you me!

From the title you can guess that I spend a lot of my free time tapping – I am a tap-aholic. This is now my designated space for venting my thoughts on the game, maybe publish a screenshot or two. I already have some on my Facebook page, but somehow I don’t really like Facebook. I rather have an obscure blog nobody reads 😉

And that’s all she wrote…